Bond Terms and Definitions
A rating
AA rating
AAA rating
above par
accrual bond
ad valorem tax
after-tax basis
arbitrage bond
asset-backed security
assignment form
B rating
baby bond
backdoor borrowing
BB rating
BBB rating
bearer bond
bond anticipation note (BAN)
bond calendar
bond certificate
bond conversion
bond discount
bond dividend
bond indenture
bond power
bond premium
bond rating
bond risk premium
bond swap
C rating
call date
call provision
callable bond
called bond
CC rating
CCC rating
certificate of deposit (CD)
collateralized bond obligation (CBO)
convertible bond
convertible debenture
corporate bond
coupon bond
coupon rate
debt instrument
default risk
Dutch auction
equity linked note
Euro CD
Euro certificate of deposit (Euro CD)
face value
fallen angel
financial instrument
Fitch ratings
fixed income investment
fixed income unit investment trust
fixed rate tax
general mortgage bond
general obligation bond
gilt edged bond
I bond
income bond
interest bearing investment
inverted yield curve
investment grade debt instrument
junior note
junk bond
limited tax bond
long coupon
low grade bond
market index deposit (MID)
market linked certificate of deposit
maturity date
Moody's Investment Grade (MIG)
municipal bond
net interest cost (NIC)
normal yield curve
original issue discount (OID)
redemption fee
refunding risk
registered bond
revenue bond
self-liquidating bond
self-supporting debt
senior debt
senior note
serial bonds
Series E savings bond
Series EE savings bond
sinking fund provision
special assessment bond
speculative debt instrument
time deposit
U.S. Government Securities
U.S. Savings Bonds
U.S. Treasury bills
U.S. Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS)
U.S. Treasury note
unlimited tax bond
unsecured debt
weighted average credit rating
yield curve
yield rate
zero coupon bond
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