Intertwingled: The Work and Influence of Ted Nelson
Though he's personally disappointed in the way the World Wide Web has emerged and become integral to our relationship with knowledge, Nelson's ... Read More
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Ask A VC: Next World Capital’s Ben Fu On Engineer Recruiting Challenges
In this week’s episode of Ask A VC, we hosted Next World Capital’s Ben Fu in the studio to talk about big data, recruiting and more. Fu, who has ... Read More
DARPA envisions a smarter, safer autopilot
Autonomous aircraft serve their purpose, but there's no question that pilotless passenger flights are a long way off, if they ever become a reality. Still, ... Read More
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Private Spies Deserve More Scrutiny
Sure, the NSA, CIA and FBI deserve scrutiny, but we should devote our attention to the private sector also. Outsourcing has always been a convenient way to ... Read More
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Verizon to finally roll out KitKat for the Galaxy S4 on May 2nd
It’s taken far too long, but it looks like an update to the latest version of Android on Verizon’s Galaxy S4 is finally in sight. Android Geeks obtained ... Read More
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Facebook's Paper App Gets New Legs to Stand On Its Own
Paper, Facebook's highly-lauded, but little-used "story" app, got a small update on Friday that allows it to stand apart from the main Facebook ... Read More
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Tubecore wants you to hack and mod its beautiful, modular speaker
Let's be honest: Wireless speakers are a dime a dozen. The options are seemingly endless, and new ones arrive on an almost daily basis. Companies have ... Read More
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Nearly one third of morning-after pills in Peru are fake
A whopping 28 percent of morning-after pills in Peru are fake. A study published today in PLOS ONE relates how some emergency contraceptives contain inadequate ... Read More
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AT&T adds more data and a hotspot option to prepaid GoPhone plans
AT&T is adding more data to its GoPhone prepaid smartphone plans without raising monthly fees in the process. If you're currently paying $60 a month ... Read More
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Motorola will soon launch an even cheaper, slimmer Android handset
Motorola has previously hinted that it wants to offer users an even more affordable smartphone this year, and Tecnblog says it learned that such a handset ... Read More
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