How a toy designer dreamed up the geek-friendly AeroPress coffee maker
The AeroPress is a deceptively simple device -- it's basically a coffee syringe. The quick brewing coffee maker sits somewhere between an espresso machine ... Read More
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Supahands Offers Multilingual Virtual Assistants For Clients In Asia
 Southeast Asia is the second-largest outsourcing destination in the world, but a new company called Supahands wants to help locals by bringing virtual ... Read More
Square And Google Were Not In Acquisition Talks
 The WSJ is reporting tonight that payments company Square was in acquisition talks with Google. We're hearing from multiple sources close to both ... Read More
Samsung opens museum to own the history of 'innovation'
Samsung Electronics is marking its 45th anniversary today by opening the Samsung Innovation Museum in Suwon, South Korea. “The Samsung Innovation Museum ... Read More
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Samsung opens its own Innovation Museum, we take an early tour
Before arriving at the Samsung Innovation Museum, I had an idea of what to expect: the Korean company shoehorning itself into every technological milestone, ... Read More
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Apple, Google vie to offer exclusive game apps: WSJ
(Reuters) - Apple Inc and Google Inc are wooing game developers to ensure that top game titles arrive first on devices powered by their respective operating ... Read More
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What Games Are: Worrying About Indie Games
 It's been great times for indie games over the last few years, a true golden age compared to what went before. Yet I'm very worried that the great times ... Read More
How would you change Blackberry's Z10?
With the advent of touchscreen smartphones, BlackBerry lost its position as king of the mobile world. In response, the company bought QNX and hibernated, ... Read More
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U.S. Promotes Network to Foil Digital Spying
The State Department and other agencies are spending millions to finance local systems, known as mesh networks, as more secure alternatives to the Internet. Read More
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The battle for exclusive games has come to smartphones
It's like Sega and Sony all over again. We don't mean the hardware arms race (although that's certainly happening), but how the smartphone ... Read More
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