The occultist who co-founded NASA's JPL
Jack Whiteside Parsons was an unusual man. He co-founded both the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Aerojet Engineering Corporation, created pyrotechnics for ... Read More
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How Google completely botched the Google Glass rollout
Google Glass has had a rough year in the court of public opinion. Not only has the device become the fodder of jokes for late-night comedians, but even some of ... Read More
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FDA's new e-cigarette regulations target 'healthier than tobacco' claims
The first federal regulations for electronic cigarettes will be announced this Thursday, according to the Food and Drug Administration. The proposals will ... Read More
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Fecal transplants work with frozen feces, too
Ever since the FDA stopped making doctors seek approval to perform fecal transplants on Clostridium difficile patients (C. difficile) in early 2013, the ... Read More
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American kids are more likely to be medicated for behavioral problems if they're in poor or military families
An estimated 7.5 percent of American children age 6-17 were prescribed drugs to treat behavioral and emotional difficulties in 2011, according to a CDC report ... Read More
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FCC Tells Internet To Chill, Denies That It Will Kill Net Neutrality
 Earlier today reports struck that the FCC was considering new net neutrality rules that would allow content purveyors to pay ISPs for preferential access ... Read More
IBM's Watson supercomputer will soon be your personal shopper
Watson had been a doctor, a geneticist, a game show contestant and even a chef in the past. But now IBM's supercomputer has a new career: personal ... Read More
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New crystal material could lead to shape-shifting displays
Scientists at the University of Michigan have developed a type of material that can change its appearance when subjected to light. The material is host to ... Read More
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Video: Project CARS looks like the killer racing game Xbox One and PS4 fans have been craving
The market for racing games has been left wide open in the new generation of consoles. Forza Motorsport 5 and Need for Speed: Rivals attempted to fill the gap ... Read More
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FCC chairman says reports of net neutrality's death are 'flat out wrong'
Tomorrow, the Federal Communications Commission will propose new net neutrality rules that will reportedly destroy the concept of net neutrality as we know it, ... Read More
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