Stock Helper

by Tom Murcko, CEO,

This tool is intended to step you through the process of finding, researching, and selecting stocks to invest in. We hope you find it useful.

We just launched this pre-beta version and plan to improve it a lot. Once you've used the tool, please provide us with feedback. If you like the tool, recommend it to your friends.

The tool is intended to be comprehensive, but you should feel free to skip steps if you don't have time to do full research. (Of course, the more research you do, the more likely it is that you'll make the right decision.)

Pick Better Stocks in 10 Easy Steps:

  1. 1Determine your overall stockpicking strategy
  2. 2Generate a list of stocks to research
  3. 3Research each company/stock on your list
  4. 4See what others think about the company/stock
  5. 5Evaluate the company's competition
  6. 6Estimate the stock's value
  7. 7Decide whether to buy
  8. 8Trade!
  9. 9Monitor
  10. 10The final step...

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