Stock List (L)

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Lattice Semiconductor Corporation
Leap Wireless International Inc.
Learning Tree International Inc.
Lincoln Educational Services Corporation
LodgeNet Interactive Corporation
Live Nation Entertainment, Inc.
Lender Processing Services, Inc.
Lumber Liquidators Holdings, Inc.
L-3 Communications Holdings Inc.
Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings
Latin American Discovery Fund Inc.
Lazard Global Total Return & Income Fund
Lazard World Dividend & Income Fund Inc.
LeapFrog Enterprises Inc.
Lehman ABS Corp Corp. Bkd Trust Ctfs Kraft Foods Note-Backed Series 2003-11
Lehman ABS Corp. 7.75% CorTS Kinder Deb-Bkd Ser 2002-6
Lehman ABS Corp. Common Stock CorTS 2001-27 CL A-1 Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
Lehman ABS 3.50 3.50% Adjustabl
Lehman ABS 6.30 GS Cap I 6.30%
Lehman ABS Corp. 7.125% CorTS AT&T Note-Bkd Ser 2003-18 CL A-1
Lehman ABS Corp. 7.00% CorTS Sprint Cap Note-Bkd Ser 2003-17 CL A-1
Lehman ABS Corp. 6.25% CorTS Boeing Sec-Bkd Ser 2003-16 CL A-1
Lehman ABS Corp 7.00% Corp. Bkd Trust Ctfs CAN Financial Debenture
Lehman ABS Corp. 6.125% CorTS American Gen Cap A Corp. Secs-Deb Ser 2
Lehman ABS Corp 6.25% Bristol-Myers Squibb
Lehman ABS Corp. CorTS 7.75% Toys-R-Us Deb-Bkd Ser 2001-31 CL A
Lehman ABS Corp. 7.75% CorTS Federal Express Corp. Note Ser 2001-37
Lehman ABS Corp. 6.05% CorTS Boeing Note-Bkd Series 2003-7 CL A-1
Lehman ABS Cp 7.857% 7.875 CP B
Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.
LMP Real Estate Income Fund Inc.
LMP Capital and Income Fund Inc.
Latin American Telecommunications Venture Co.
Lake Victoria Mining Company, Inc.
Legacy Wine & Spirits International Ltd.
Location Based Technologies, Inc.
Lixte Biotechnology Holdings, Inc.
Liberator Medical Holdings, Inc.
Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp.
Loral Space & Communications, Inc.
Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc.
Legend International Holdings, Inc.
Liberty Interactive Corporation Series A Liberty Ventures
Liberty Interactive Corporation Series B Liberty Ventures
Laredo Petroleum Holdings, Inc.
Legg Mason BW Global Income Opportunities Fund Inc.
Life Care Medical Devices Limited