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You're in content or search marketing, and you want to promote a product or service in business, finance, investing, career improvement, or higher education.
You're a financial professional or savvy investor/trader with experience like asset management, in-depth financial research, and building a portfolio you're proud of.

Financial Writers

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We're looking for writers who are passionate about helping the world make better decisions in business, finance, and investing.

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  • Publicity. Your article can reach the many millions of people who visit our sites and read our newsletters every month.
  • Credit. This includes a by-line and bio on each article page, and Google+ authorship attribution.
  • Payment when we syndicate your article across our sites and newsletters.

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  • Original. You must write it yourself. Word count excluding block quotes and bio should be 300-600 words. Your content shouldn’t be found anywhere else on the internet.
  • Related to Finance or Investing. We accept articles on a variety of topics including options, forex, mutual funds, stocks, real estate, retirement, personal finance and more.
  • High quality writing, not content marketing or search spam. Our writing program is available for authors passionate about business, finance, and investing, not marketers. If you submit SEO spam, we will either remove your links, make them no-follow, or reject your article entirely. We DO NOT sell or allow do-follow links.

Native Advertising / Content Marketing

As you're well aware, native ads frequently have drastically higher engagement and conversion rates than standard display banners.

Our native advertising opportunities start at $1500 per post with a 3 post minimum for audiences consisting of tier 1 English speakers (US, UK, AU, NZ, and select people from certain EU countries). We guarantee at least a minimum of 3,000 unique readers from your target geos to each article (there's no charge for additional impressions and articles can easily pass the 3k mark). Native advertising specs:

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